Why Do We Need Food?

Food is a basic need of survival. We need food as it gives the required nutrient that we need for our day to day life. Nutrient gives us energy and growth. This also help our internal organs to function the way it should function so that we human have a healthy life which in turn help us carry out our daily responsibilities and activities seamlessly.

Food items differ due to many reasons:

Food options differ from region to region in the world. Each region would have their authentic cuisines as there would be many reasons why each region has different kind of dishes. But the good thing is everyone can consume everything, which gives and opportunity for people to relish other cuisines beside their own.

Chinese and Japanese cuisines fall under the categories of most relished dishes world-wide.

Japanese Food:

Main Japanese dishes include rice. Most of their dishes include fish items either grilled, fried or cooked in broth. Fish is at time used raw in some of the food items like sushi which is desired by people around the world. Tempura is another Japanese dish where vegetable or fish are slightly fried. They also consume meat. One if their meat based favourite dish is named as “Tonkatsu”. These are of bread crumbed deep fried pork meat. The main seasoning ingredients of Japanese dishes include Soy source, vinegar, sake, mirin, salt and sugar. These ingredients are usually used in their main dishes for seasoning and use of herbs enhances the taste of the favourite Japanese food items.

Ronin” is such a place where you can get authentic Japanese food. The name has some significance to being tough or strong.

Chinese Food:

Chinese food is one of the main part of their culture. Their dishes and cooking style varies from place to place within China depending on their historical background and ethnic groups. However, Chinese food have influenced many other cuisines where Chinese styles are adapted in other cultures, especially in Asia. Their dishes are modified to taste like special Japanese dishes.

There are many Chinese dishes that are famous around the world; most famous eight dishes among these are Anhui, Cantonese, Fujian, Sichuan, Jiangsu, Hunan, Shandong and Zhejiang. Each of this food item is cooked in a unique manner, such as usage of large number of herbs and deep and shallow frying and so on. Places like central Sichuan restaurant serve such authentic Chinese dishes.

Most people like eating Chinese food for the flavour and the way they are prepared.

In fact, they are so famous that many Asian dishes are modified with similar cooking techniques and flavour.