Taking Over The World

No this is not a declaration of a megalomaniac, though my kids might disagree, but an observation on the vending machines phenomenon. Everything is being placed into one of these efficient liquor dispenser and being shoved out into the world, food, drinks and even dvds are being made convenient and without you having to have any kind of human interaction. Makes you wonder what is going to come next, a menu where you can choose which kid you want, new born, blue eyes, brown hair and destined to be famous and lovingly look after their parents in old age. Have two of those please, the kids who are going to live at home with the parents for the rest of their lives and mooch all the money will be left in the machine forever in the little hibernation pods.

Pets could be another good one, cute kittens in little widows, would not like the job of cleaning out those machines and having to find places for the kittens that are too mangy to sell well. A selection of different breeds of dogs, Dalmatian one hundred and one of them, willing to be made into a fur coat, yeah probably a bit too far there. I never thought a Dalmatian coat was a good idea in the first place, now husky fur would be nice and warm and really soft, much better. 

We already have high quality product range like ice dispensers, junk food and drinks, the nicotine addicts are taken care of and so are the drug users. Healthy food and drinks are in and kids are a target market, doesn’t leave much else to be covered but if there I something that can be sold from a machine outside of a department store then someone will think of a way to get it into a vending machine. 

Books are a bit of a dying breed maybe putting them in machines at places like hospitals and waiting rooms where people are nearly homicidal with boredom could be a good way to get the population to read again, start small though romances for the girls and thrillers and horror for the boys and they can choose at their own leisure. There will be boys reading romance but who have gotten their girlfriends to go get the book and girls who are pouring over bloody and gore filled pages, all whilst waiting to find out if they are getting their loan approved or whether the bone sticking out from their leg is meant to be like that.

Let’s just wait and see what will be the next vending machine craze and how popular it will be, whether it will be a regular feature in public venues or if it will have its day in the sun and then fade into obscurity. When I was a kid you could get the bouncy balls and you still can today, you would lose it before you left the mall but it was fun watching your parent’s embarrassment.