Getting Ready For Christmas

The countdown to Christmas is one of the most exciting times of the year for everybody and there are many things that can be done in order to make Christmas extra special. This Christmas, make an effort to make sure your Christmas is exactly what it should be, kind and compassionate. Most people spend excessive amounts of money for Christmas and the truth is, that really is not what Christmas is supposed to be about. Christmas is about making people happy and bonding with people and animals alike.

Kindness and compassion

The tradition modern day Christmas comprises of spending a large amount of money and serving up a feast of every different kind of meat to your closest family. However, this is not what Christmas is supposed to be about. On average, billions of animals are slaughtered cruelly in the name of “Christmas” and this is wrong. Christmas is the celebration of Christ’s birth and it should not be celebrated with the cruel deaths of God’s creatures. For this reason, choose to make Christmas different this year by choosing a vegan Christmas where no one needed to die, a feast that will not only be kind and compassionate, but it will also cost a lot less money allowing you to donate the rest of the money to a charity close to your heart. In order to avoid spending excessive amounts of money, you could choose to gift all of your guests’ homemade wine gifts which you can make in bulk and divide in to bottles for each guest. For other ideas on wine gifts, check this out!

In order to personalize your gifts even more, you can choose to make your own cute and exciting custom tags for each of the bottles that you make and you can make batches of cookies for each of the kids that will be present at the Christmas party that you host.

Budget comparison

It would be a nice idea for you to create two Christmas budgets, the first for the type of Christmas party that you would have thrown with the meat and the expensive gifts for each guests and another for the compassionate Christmas that you will be throwing. Once you have done this, look at the difference in pricing between the two and consider throwing a small Christmas party for an orphanage or a similar charity in order to make your Christmas a lot more meaningful. By doing this, not only will you be choosing to be kind but you will also inspire many others to do the same for next Christmas.