Choosing Christmas Presents

Buying Christmas presents is never the easiest chore. I hate wondering around the shops hoping for inspiration. I never find anything and end up buying items which I eventually return. I’m much better if I spend the time thinking about the presents I want to buy before entering a shop or website. I’m probably not alone in this philosophy. I have nieces and nephews to buy for along with parents, husband, children, friends and the odd secret santa gift to get. I need to get my pressie giving hat on … but not literally!
Thinking of one particular individual that I need to buy for is how to start this process off. Only note down realistically reasonable ideas and discard the rest. Begin to build wine gifts in Sydney at discount prices. I sometimes search online for some inspiration or talk to friends or co-workers for their insight and thoughts. Often having a casual chat with someone churns up a good idea. Try to do this well before your deadline for posting or giving presents so you are not in a rush to make decisions.
Some great ideas come out of nowhere. We often think of buying wine gift baskets in Australia for husbands or fathers but how about getting personalised wine labels too. Imagine the fun to be had when tailoring the wording for your special someone for their big birthday or to share with the family at Christmas lunch? These actually make fantastic promotional corporate gifts too as you can put your promotional message on the bottle label for all to see.For young adults, I must admit to being a bit boring. They are hard to buy for so I opt for gift cards so they can spend the money on what they truly want. I remember getting dreadful teenage presents but the book token (as was the rage in those days!) were always used. Now most stores have their own gift card or you can even preload a card with cash that can be used at various outlets just like eftpos. What teenager wouldn’t be happy with that?Kids are the easiest. There’s normally a selection of girl and boy toys or books that would go down well with the vast majority. Picking on particular large gift is harder but spending some time talking to your youngster for ideas is how you get to the bottom of that dilemma.
My husband gives me the most trouble. He’s a very particular person with specific taste; no logos, classic look, not too tight! I never buy him clothes for that simple reason or only buy something that he could exchange should he wish. Nowadays we tend to agree on a budget and find a few things to unwrap on the day as its pretty much all show for the kids. We’ll buy what we truly want at another time when the sales are on.