Wedding Cake Should Reflect The Taste And Style Of The Couple

A wedding is a joyous occasion and it is natural that this occasion is celebrated by serving sweets, cakes etc. to the guests who attend the wedding. Cakes play an important part in a Western wedding.After the wedding ceremony, the wedding cake is cut and served to the guests. The wedding cake is so important in a Western wedding that even the container, knife and the table on which the cake is placed is decorated beautifully.The wedding cake has to reflect the taste and style of the couple in its design, shape and decoration. There are certain factors to be followed before choosing a most suitable cake for the wedding. The most important factor is the budget. After deciding on the budget, an expert chef or a baker should be given the job of baking the wedding cake. Selecting the wedding cake is a challenge in itself because of the wide range of options that are available with regard to the flavors, colors and decorations.The wedding cakes are usually big, made of different flavors in several layers and are 3 tiered. The wedding cake should complement the dress of the couple, the venue of reception, the weather conditions etc. Traditionally, the bride and groom share the first piece of cake. The cake is then given to the guests and sometimes a portion is preserved for the couple’s first wedding anniversary or for the birth of their first born child.The wedding cake usually is made of various flavors and color. To cater to the different tastes of the guests, each layer should be of a different flavor and colored accordingly. The icing of the cake should be appealing to the eyes. The shape of the cake is also changing. The most popular flavors are cheesecakes, chocolate, mouse-filled cakes, and fruit cakes. Fillings can be chosen from coconut, chocolate, vanilla, nuts etc. The top of the cake can have the figures of the couple.Try here to find wedding cakes in Sydney which tastes delicious and available for reasonable price. The tradition that is followed in having a wedding cake is because it symbolizes prosperity, sweetness and fertility and it makes the wedding memorable. Cake decoration courses are very popular and many are specializing in it.In case you are getting married, you would like to be familiar with the wedding cake terms before ordering your cake from the baker. Given below are some of the common wedding cake meanings.A tier is usually one level of the cake – a 3 tiered one. A layer cake is horizontal in shape. A round cake is the most traditional shape used for wedding cakes. A square cake is a cake which has geometrical tiers placed at odd angles. A scalloped cake has edges of tiers shaped like flower petals.Fondant is a sheet like sugar ‘dough’ which hardens after some time and does not melt. Butter cream is made of butter, cream and eggs. This is very soft and can be flavored. Chocó pan is basically a chocolate version of the fondant. You can choose any of the above and have a great wedding.