How To Make Your Friend’s Birthday Special?

Everyone wishes to enjoy some really exciting and fascinating time with friends and families, especially on his/her birthday. If your best friend’s birthday is approaching and you are looking forward to surprise him/her, then find out the below mentioned surprise gift ideas!

A wonderful gift basket
What about presenting him/her a wonderful gift basket full of chocolates, cookies, perfume, books, music CD/DVD, key ring and so on? Well, this can be certainly a wonderful option only if you can manage to decorate it very beautifully.

Plan for a hookah bar
What about planning for a hookah bar or going to a shisha bar lounge? You can definitely ask your friend to join you in the bar and have a great time. Well, considering this to be your friend’s birthday gift, you should sponsor the entire cost.

Going for a night club or DJ night!
You can also plan and get ready for a night club or DJ nightafter you enjoy some quality time in shisha bar lounge. It’s also a wonderful idea to call up all your friends and ask them to join the DJ party or night club. 

What about a dinner?
Surprise your friend on his/her birthday by arranging a dinner at some posh restaurants in the city. You can select the items in advance and book seats for you as well as your friends and have a great blast. Start with a glass of wine and make the entire plan a fascinating one! Check this hookah shisha wholesale in Hong Kong.

Book a movie ticket or concert ticket
It’s worth going for a good movie on your friend’s birthday. Always try to book the night show so that you can come back after some good dinner. Also, invite your other friends for the movie to make the time magnificent. You can also book seats for a live concert or a special event (if going on in the city).

Hit the road on the fine morning
To make your friend’s birthday more special, you can plan for a long drive on his/her birthday. Set a plan, ask other friends to join and hit the road early morning or whenever it is convenient.

Chalk out an adventure trip
What if you plan an adventure trip to some exotic destination close to your home? You can drive to the place or choose bicycle for the trip. It will be certainly the best gift one can ever gift to his/her friend. If time permits, you can also make a short trip to some sea beaches or mountain along with your friend. However, make sure you bear the cost of the entire trip as a present on his/her birthday.